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Create an API key

For Trend Micro Cloud One API Key

For instructions on creating a Cloud One API key, see Account and User Management > Manage API Key.

For Legacy API Key


  1. Sign in to the File Storage Security console.
  2. In the top row of the screen, select the drop-down list to change your selection from File Storage Security to Workload Security.

    You are redirected to Workload Security, where you'll be creating the key.

  3. Go to Administration > User Management > API Keys.

  4. Select New.
  5. In the Properties window, enter a Name and Description for the API key.
  6. Select the Role list and select a role. Auditor grants read-only access to File Storage Security through the API, while Full Access grants both read and write access. If you need more specific roles for API key users, you can select New and define one. See Define roles for users for more information.
  7. Select a Language.
  8. Select a Time Zone to associate with the key. This is the default time zone used for interpreting date and time values in API calls and responses.
  9. (Optional) Select Expires on and select a date to limit access to a specific period of time.
  10. Select OK.
  11. Copy the Secret key value. This is the API key.

Make sure to copy the secret key value (API key) now; this is the only time it will be shown. (If you lose the key, you can always create a new one, but be sure to revoke the old one.)