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Manage API keys

You can create an API key to use for authenticating your requests with Trend Cloud One. You should create one API key for every user needing API access to Trend Cloud One. One API key can be used to access all Trend Cloud One services within an account.

Upon creation of an API key, you are provided a unique secret key that is associated with the API key. You use this secret key with your API calls for authenticating.

Create a new API key

  1. In the upper right of the Trend Cloud One console, select the account for which you want to add an API key.

  2. Click the account name.

  3. Select Administration.

  4. Click the key icon on the left to display API Keys.

    API Keys screen

  5. Click New.

  6. Complete the New API Key dialog, as follows:

    • In the API Key Alias field, specify a descriptive name for the API key.
    • In the Description field, provide a detailed description of the API key.
    • In the Role field, assign the user role to determine the scope of the API key access to various Trend Cloud One services.
    • In the Language field, select either English or Japanese.
    • In the Timezone field, specify the time zone where the API key's user is located.
    • Optionally, use the Provide ability to add multiple IP / CIDR ranges here field to define a list of IP and CIDR ranges that apply to this API key. If defined, only requests from the listed IPs and CIDRs will be allowed for Trend Cloud One services.
  7. Click Next.

  8. Copy the displayed API key value and save it on your computer. Note that if you lose the key, you would need to create a new one.

  9. Click Close.

After the key has been created, you can use the API Key Properties section of the page to change properties of the API key.

Lock out an API key

If an existing API key has been compromised, you can lock it out, as follows:

  1. Select the API key you want to lock out.
  2. In the API Key Properties section, set Enabled to No.
  3. Click Save.

You can also permanently delete an API key by selecting it and then clicking Delete.

Making requests with Cloud One API keys

Each request that you make requires an authorization in the header. For Cloud One API keys:

  • Header:
    • Key: Authorization
    • Value: ApiKey <your_key_value>

The APIs for some services also require an Api-Version header. For details, refer to the API reference documentation for each service.

Certain APIs have global URLs, while others require the region of the account to be specified. Ensure that you use an API key in the same region as your account and specify the correct region for your API key. For a list of currently available regions, see Trend Cloud One regions.

The following is a sample curl command for a global endpoint:

curl -X GET<your-account-id> -H 'Authorization: ApiKey <your-key-value>' -H 'api-version: v1'

The following is a sample curl command for a regional endpoint:

curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: ApiKey <your-key-value>' -H 'api-version: v1'