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Delete AWS stacks

You can delete stacks to remove File Storage Security from your environment.

First, delete the stack from the console:

  1. Sign in to File Storage Security.
    The console appears.
  2. In the table, select a stack.
  3. Select the Delete button at the top.

    The stack is deleted from the console.

To delete a scanner stack, you must first delete all storage stacks associated with the scanner stack.

Next, delete the stack from AWS:

  1. In AWS, go to CloudFormation > your all-in-one stack, your scanner stack, or your storage stack.
  2. Select Delete.

    The stack is deleted from AWS. If you're deleting the all-in-one stack, its nested stacks are also deleted.

The all-in-one stack can only be deleted from AWS since it doesn't exist in the console.