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Delete AWS stacks

You can delete stacks to remove File Storage Security from your environment.

For information on deleting account scanner stacks, see Delete account scanner stacks.

First, delete the stack from the console:

  1. Sign in to File Storage Security.
    The console appears.
  2. In the table, select a stack.
  3. Select the Delete button at the top.

    The stack is deleted from the console.

To delete a scanner stack, you must first delete all storage stacks associated with the scanner stack.

Next, delete the stack from AWS:

  1. In AWS, go to CloudFormation > your all-in-one stack, your scanner stack, or your storage stack.
  2. Select Delete.

    The stack is deleted from AWS. If you're deleting the all-in-one stack, its nested stacks are also deleted.

The all-in-one stack can only be deleted from AWS since it doesn't exist in the console.