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Generate your first detection on GCP

To test your deployment, you'll need to generate a malware detection using the eicar file.

  1. Obtain the eicar file by going to eicar file page.

  2. Add the eicar file to your scanning bucket with the script:

    sh wget gsutil cp gs://<SCANNING_BUCKET_NAME>/eicar

  3. Execute the script to examine the results:

    sh gsutil stat 'gs://<SCANNING_BUCKET_NAME>/eicar'

  4. In the Metadata, Look for the following tags:

        - fss-scan-date date_and_time
        - fss-scan-result malicious
        - fss-scanned true

    The tags indicate that File Storage Security scanned the file and tagged it correctly as malware.

    The scan results are also available in the console on the Scan Activity page.

You have now tested your File Storage Security deployment. Continue to the next section for information on your next steps.