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GCP Bucket Location Suggestion

GCP Cloud Storage provides bucket location configuration for speed, availability, and meeting your compliance, etc. However, this configuration may affect File Storage Security performance.

We will describe the three location configuration options and make some recommendations.


A bucket with a regional setting means its data is stored in a specific geographic place. This setting provides the best speed and lower data storage cost, however, it provides limited redundancy.


A bucket with a dual-region setting means its data in it is stored in a pair of geographic places, for example, London and Frankfurt. This setting provides not only the best speed but also cross-region redundancy.


A bucket with multi-region settings means its data is stored in two or more geographic locations, for example, the United States. This setting provides the highest availability. However, it comes with a price of data storage cost and lower speed. By our experiment, we discourge to use this setting especially on scanning large size files (e.g., 1-GB size files).


If there is no consideration of compliance, we recommend that you use one of the following bucket location settings:

  • regional
  • dual-region