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Troubleshoot and monitor health

If you encounter problems with File Storage Security, you can look in the following places for troubleshooting information:

  • For deployment issues, check the AWS CloudFormation console, the deployment page of the resource groups on Azure portal, or the GCP Deployment Manager.
  • For scanning issues:

    • Check the File Storage Security tags first. You can check the tags in AWS (see View tags) or in Azure portal (see View tags).
    • Depending on the error (or the lack of tags), you can review any reported errors on cloud provider's console.
    • In AWS, go to scanner or storage stack > Resources > any Lambda function > CloudWatch log group
    • In Azure portal, go to scanner or storage stack's resource group > Overview > any Application Insights > Logs > enter traces in the text box > Run
    • In GCP, go to the deployment of scanner or storage stack > get any function name > go to Cloud Functions > the function with the name > Logs
  • For general health monitoring, you can use CloudWatch Logs Insights in AWS, Application Insights in Azure portal, or Cloud Logging in GCP. You can create queries of the logs generated by the scanner and storage stacks, save those queries, and re-run them periodically to monitor the health of your stacks.