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Be notified of scan results through Azure Service Bus Topic

You can configure the Scan Result Topic to notify you when a scan occurs. The Scan Result Topic is a resource of Azure Service Bus Topic.

To be notified through the Scan Result Topic, you need to create a subscription of the topic. Follow the steps to find the required information of the Scan Result Topic in the storage stack resource group and create a subscription of the topic:

  1. In Azure portal, go to Resource groups > your storage stack > Overview
  2. The Service Bus Namespace of the Scan Result Topic is the Service Bus Namespace resource that has a tmsrt0 prefix.
  3. Go to the Service Bus Namespace > Topics. You can see Scan Result Topic named as scan-result-topic.
  4. Go to the Scan Result Topic > Subscriptions. Select + Subscription. Enter the required parameters:

    • Name: The subscription name
    • Max delivery count: The maximum count for which the service bus subscription will deliver each message

    Select Create.

  5. You can see the created subscription listed in the subscription list.

By using Azure Service Bus trigger for Azure Functions, you can create an Azure function app to process the scan results. Here is an example for creating an Azure function app to promote or quarantine the scanned files: Post-Scan Action: Promote or Quarantine.

By using Azure Logic Apps, you can add a Service Bus Trigger and configure the downstream actions you would like to take when receiving a scan result from the Scan Result Topic. When configuring the trigger, choose the one with When a message is received in a topic subscription (auto-complete).

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For details of the scan result format in Scan Result Topic, see scan result format.