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Delete Account scanner stacks

To delete an Account scanner stack, you first delete the stack in File Storage Security and then in AWS.

In File Storage Security

Delete the stack from File Storage Security using the API:

  1. Create an API Key

  2. Call the ListStacks API to get the stack ID of the account scanner stack.

  3. Call the DeleteStack API to delete the account scanner stack.

  4. Call the ListStacks API again to make sure the stack is deleted from File Storage Security.


To delete a stack from AWS, you can use the:

  • AWS console:

    1. In the AWS console, go to CloudFormation > your account scanner stack.

    2. Select Delete.

  • AWS CLI:

    aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name <ACCOUNT_SCANNER_NAME>

If you created resources for cross region or cross account scenarios, please delete those resources as well. Refer to Set up cross region scans for information about deployed sources. Please remember to disable Amazon EventBridge for your S3 buckets because this feature of AWS S3 introduce extra cost.