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Estimate infrastructure costs

This article describes how to estimate your infrastructure costs.


Lambda, SNS, SQS, and CloudWatch usage mainly contribute to infrastructure cost. In AWS Cost Explorer, you can sort out those resource costs by using the FSS-Storage-Stack and FSS-Scanner-Stack tags, which have been tagged on the "Name" key along with All-in-One CloudFormation template deployment. If there are scanner deployments, storage stack deployments, or custom configurations like post-scan action lambda, you can include them in the estimation dashboard by creating a "Name" tag.

aws infrastructure billing chart

The cost correlates with the number of scanned files. Here are sample statistics for one company's AWS usage for File Storage Security.

Cost Scanner stacks Storage stacks Average files scanned Average file size Post-scan action Average infrastructure cost per file
US$25/month 1 1
(in the same region as its scanner)
1900 per hour 2 MB • 1 Lambda and 1 S3 bucket for quarantine action
• Simple Notification Services (SNS) topics notify users by email
US$0.000015 per file


You can add filters with names, including both "scanner" and "storage", to the end of the Resource group name in Cost Management > Cost analysis. The dashboard will show the actual cost and forecast. If there is a post-scan action plugin, you can add its resource group in cost estimation in the same way.

Azure billing structure chart