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Customizing AWS stacks

If the resources you want to customize are not mentioned below, please contact your regional support representative.

You may want to customize your AWS scanner or storage stacks for reasons of compliance, or for other reasons.

We suggest that, when customizing, you leave certain elements exactly as they are.

  • Do not modify any roles or policies in scanner or storage stacks.
  • Do not modify the code of any Lambda functions in scanner or storage stacks.
  • Do not import resources into scanner or storage stacks.

Some elements can be modified but have restrictions:

  • If modifying the memory configuration of the ScannerLambda function, keep the configuration at 512 MB or above. (You can customize the memory configurations of other Lambda functions without restriction.)

Some elements can be freely customized:

  • Reserved concurrency of all Lambda functions
  • Retention settings of all CloudWatch log groups