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Configure ARNs

After deploying the all-in-one stack, you must configure the scanner and storage stack Amazon Resource Names (ARNs). The ARNs map a scanner stack to a storage stack, allowing them to be aware of each other.

  1. Go to CloudFormation > Stacks > your all-in-one stack > Outputs tab.

    screen shot

  2. Copy and paste the ScannerStackManagementRoleARN and StorageStackManagementRoleARN into the File Storage Security console.

    If the dialog box is not visible, select Deploy > Scanner Stack and Storage Stack again to see it.

    screen shot

  3. Select Submit.

    Success messages appear at the bottom of the page.

You have now configured the ARNs.

After completing deployment and configuration

These are the permissions that File Storage Security management roles will have after File Storage Security has been deployed and configured:

Backend updates

For automatic backend updates that will be pushed, see Update components.

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