Pricing has two components:

  • File Storage Security
  • Estimated infrastructure cost

File Storage Security

Annual subscription

For detailed pricing on File Storage Security, please contact your sales representative.

Consumption-based subscription

Pricing is based on your File Storage Security licence and the number of files inspected by your service. Amazon Web Services (AWS) charges for file inspected per bucket per hour and Azure charges for file inspected per storage account per hour. Each bucket or storage account is costed individually and then the costs are added together.

For example, if you are using Amazon and you have two buckets, A and B. If Bucket A has 25 files inspected in the hour, you will be charged Amazon's lowest rate for that bucket. If Bucket B has 500 files inspected in the hour, you will be charged Amazon's highest rate for that bucket. Your total charges from Amazon for the hour would be the charges for Bucket A plus the charges for Bucket B.

For details, see Cloud One billing and price.

The "/ unit" in the AWS Markertplace pricing table means per bucket or storage account per hour.

Estimated infrastructure cost


Here are sample statistics for one company's AWS usage for File Storage Security.

Cost Scanner stacks Storage stacks Average files scanned Average file size Post-scan action
US$50/month 1 1
(in the same region as its scanner)
200 per day 2 MB
  • 1 Lambda and 1 S3 bucket for quarantine action
  • Simple Notification Services (SNS) topics notify users when malware is detected