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View scan results on the console Scan Activity page

  1. Sign in to File Storage Security, then select the Scan Activity page if necessary.

    The Scan History panel displays a bar chart of the files that have been scanned for the past 24 hours. screen shot

There may be a small delay between when a file is uploaded and when its scan result appears in the Scan History panel.

To change the duration of the Scan History chart, select the drop-down list in the upper right section of the panel. Also, if viewing a duration of days, click on a bar to view the hours for that day.

To scroll to earlier or later within the chart, select the < and > arrows to the left and right of the duration indicator.

To view the details for a column in the chart, hover the cursor over the bar.

To change the file indicators at the bottom of the panel, click and drag to select multiple bars. The summary will show the total number of selected bars. If nothing is selected, the summary will display the total of the visible bars.

To change the focus of the chart to exclude specific scan results, click the toggles to the left of the Malicious, Scan error, or No issues found controls.