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What Azure services and regions are supported?

What Azure services are supported?

The following Azure services are supported:

  • Azure Blob
    • Standard General-Purpose V2 (Block Blob, Page Blob, Append Blob)
    • Premium Block Blobs (Block Blob, Append Blob)
    • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (Block Blob)

The following Azure Storage access tiers are supported:

  • Hot tier
  • Cool tier
  • Cold tier

The following redundancy settings for storage accounts are supported:

  • Locally redundant storage (LRS)
  • Zone-redundant storage (ZRS)
  • Geo-redundant storage (GRS)
  • Geo-zone-redundant storage (GZRS)

File Storage Security on Azure does not support failover between zones or regions.

The storage accounts, which contain the Azure Blobs, need to enable the following features:

  • Public network access from all networks
  • Allow storage account key access

Allow Blob public access can be disabled, so the data is still protected by Access Control.

What Azure regions are supported?

File Storage Security can reside in the following Azure regions:

Region Code Region Name Location
centralus (US) Central US Iowa
eastus (US) East US Virginia
eastus2 (US) East US 2 Virginia
southcentralus (US) South Central US Texas
westus (US) West US California
westus2 (US) West US 2 Washington
australiaeast (Asia Pacific) Australia East New South Wales
australiasoutheast (Asia Pacific) Australia Southeast Victoria
centralindia (Asia Pacific) Central India Pune
eastasia (Asia Pacific) East Asia Hong Kong
japaneast (Asia Pacific) Japan East Tokyo, Saitama
japanwest (Asia Pacific) Japan West Osaka
koreacentral (Asia Pacific) Korea Central Seoul
southeastasia (Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia Singapore
francecentral (Europe) France Central Paris
germanywestcentral (Europe) Germany West Central Frankfurt
northeurope (Europe) North Europe Ireland
swedencentral (Europe) Sweden Central Gävle
switzerlandnorth (Europe) Switzerland North Zurich
uksouth (Europe) UK South London
westeurope (Europe) West Europe Netherlands
uaenorth (Middle East) UAE North Dubai
brazilsouth (South America) Brazil South Sao Paulo State