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Update AWS components

Automatic updates

If you observe that your AWS Lambda functions have been updated by File Storage Security, this is expected behavior.

The Trend Micro backend service regularly pushes updates to File Storage Security stacks on AWS.

Automatic update Stack AWS component When
License Scanner Lambda layer Weekly
Lambda (feature) Scanner; storage (two Lambdas)* Lambda code Whenever the code is patched (see What's New)
Security update: malware patterns Scanner Lambda layer Daily

* ScannerLambda in scanner stacks; BucketListenerLambda and PostScanActionTagLambda in storage stacks

The steps of manual update Lambda code

Only manually update the Lambda code if necessary.

  1. Download the zip file from followed by the file name, for example, "", "", "", ""
  2. Open the Functions page on the AWS Lambda console and select a function.
  3. In the Code Source pane, select Upload from and then .zip file.
  4. Select Upload and then select the downloaded zip file.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Create a new version at Lambda > Versions > Publish new version
  7. Modify the aliases to point to the new version of the Lambda: Aliases > "TM-FSS-MANAGED" > Configuration > General configuration > Edit and modify "Version" to the new version made at step 4.

To manually update stacks, see Update stacks.