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Connect GCP account to Trend Micro Cloud One

Connect your GCP account to Trend Micro Cloud One and configure your GCP account to give Trend Micro Cloud One read-only access.

  1. Go to Cloud One, here:

  2. Sign in with your Account, Username, and Password. The Cloud One landing page appears.

  3. Select the File Storage Security box.

    You are now signed in and ready to set up File Storage Security.

  4. Go to Stack Management and select any deployment method.

  5. Click on Connect GCP account.

  6. Click Download to download the Terraform template to your local machine.

  7. Configure your account in Cloud Shell:

    1. Click Open Cloud Shell** and log in to your GCP account.
    2. Upload the Terraform template by clicking Upload in the Cloud Shell menu.

    3. Initialize Terraform by running the following command: terraform init

    4. When the initialization is successfully completed, run the following command: terraform apply
    5. When the script execution is completed, run the following command: terraform output -json
    6. Copy the returned JSON string and paste it back to the File Storage Security Connect GCP Cloud Account modal. The string should contain the following four values: oidc-provider-id, project-number, service-account-id, workload-identity-pool-id