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Deploy AWS stacks

AWS Lambda is ending support of Python 3.6. As of July 18, 2022, Lambda will no longer apply security patches and updates to Python 3.6 runtime. As of August 17, 2022, we will no longer be able to update functions using Python 3.6 runtime. As a result:

  • The File Storage Security backend cannot update the license and pattern configured in the Lambda
  • After the license times out, the Lambda cannot scan files
  • If you do not update your Stack, we will still support and investigate File Storage Security issues. However, we do not recommend this.
  • If a problem occurs in your File Storage Security setup, you may have to update the Stack or rebuild it.
We recommend that you upgrade your existing Python 3.6 functions to Python 3.8 before August 17, 2022.


Before using the API, we recommend you run through the stack deployment using the web interfaces of File Storage Security and AWS. The web interfaces provide a user-friendly introduction to the deployment parameters, concepts, and processes.

For instructions on deploying through the web interfaces, see Get started.

Deploy the stacks

Before you can deploy your stacks in AWS, you need to create the stack and obtain an external id from AWS.

Once you have created the stacks and obtained the id, you can add the stacks to File Storage Security.