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.NET (Preview Release)

Supported versions

Agents can be installed only in Linux environments. Windows is not supported.

Application Security's .NET agent is compatible with the following components:

Component Required package and version
.NET Core Platform .NET Core 2.1 to .NET 5

Code protection features

Some of the code protection features are enabled only when specific components are used in the application. The table below lists the required components for a code protection feature to be enabled. No dependencies indicates the code protection feature is enabled by default, it doesn't require specific components.

Feature Requires
Agent ASP.NET Core
SQL Injection EntityFramework Core 2.1+
Remote Command Execution No dependencies
Illegal File Access No dependencies
Open Redirect No dependencies
Malicious Payload No dependencies
Malicious File Upload No dependencies

Download the agent

Download Note that the preview Agent .NET Core is available only upon request from your Trend Micro representative.

Install the agent

  1. Extract the archive in the target installation directory, for example /usr/local/trend_app_protect_netcore
  2. Edit the agent configuration in <installation_directory>/TrendAppProtect.config, for example /usr/local/trend_app_protect_netcore/TrendAppProtect.config Configure the key and secret, which can be found under Group Settings > Group Credentials:
       <key>[The Group Key]</key>
       <secret>[Your Secret]</secret>
  3. Set the environment variables for the process running your .NET Core application.
  4. Start or restart your application.

Configure the agent to communicate with the proper Trend Micro Cloud One region

If you are using a Cloud One region other than 'us-1', you need to configure the agent's connectivity for the region.