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Agent connection failures

If you've created your application in the dashboard and installed the agent, but it's displayed as Inactive, follow the troubleshooting information below:

What to try Explanation
Load the web application in the web client, or a browser and make at least one HTTP request to the monitored application. The agent needs to see at least one HTTP request received by the web application before communicating with the back end. If the web application is not running, the agent will appear offline.
Check the agent properties file, or environmental variables used to store application key and secret. If the key or the secret values given to the agent differ from those specified in the Dashboard, the agent will appear offline.
Check the connection with the Dashboard back-end: Contact your IT administrator if you are unable to reach this URL. If you are unable to connect to https://agents.<region> from the application server, the agent is not able to check in to the Dashboard. Some typical reasons for failed connections are firewall rules, or proxy filters.
Review the content of log/trend_app_protect.log or wherever the log file is configured in the settings of your agent. Add a link to where the settings is done.

Difficulties starting the agent or calling home are logged here:

  • If there are failures when attempting to connect to, check that outbound connections to the address are unblocked.
  • If you see a message about the agent using the default value, it's either because you didn't set the key/secret or because the agent can't find the configuration file.
Review platform installation documents and ensure that agent runs on a supported host system. The agent contains a native component that requires a supported host system to compile properly during installation. For example, 32-bit platforms are not supported and it is important that the host system running the application is a 64-bit host. Other OS requirements can be found in the installation section for that agent.

Once the connection is successful, you should see these two lines of similar information in the log file (log/trend_app_protect.log):​

Starting agent-java v3.3.1...
Agent is ready