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PHP release history

Version Release date Changes
4.2.1 June 10th, 2021


  • Added support for the Advanced Threat Scan Engine (ATSE) aggressiveness level to be set from policy view.
  • Changed default ATSE aggressiveness level from High to Medium.
  • Added the ability to disable Illegal File Access security control on PHP input.
  • 4.1.11 March 19th, 2021


  • Upgraded advanced thread scan engine to version 12.500-1004
  • Wait until the engines rules blobs are written to cache before declaring the agent ready
  • Synchronize writing file to disk when updating the agent configuration cache
  • Re-initialise antivirus engine on first request when engine initialization failed


  • Fixed anti-malware engine returning error when scanning after malicious file upload policy rules were changed
  • 4.1.9 June 30th, 2020


  • Validated the agent is properly protecting the PHP-FPM + Apache configuration.
  • Introduced the ability for the agent to manage atomic configuration updates from the backend.
  • Wait on responses after agent authentication refresh.
  • Rulesets and patterns are not fetched or updated if Malicious Payload and Malicious File Upload are disabled.


  • Disabled providing the custom transaction ID via the header.
  • Fixed setting the defense logs configuration via environment variables.
  • Fixed the poller hanging after re-authentication.
  • Fixed the agent continuously and quickly re-attempting to authenticate following repeated authentication failures.
  • Fixed agent cleanup and activation of anti-malware pattern files upon updates.
  • Fixed some agent errors not being reported to the backend properly, for remote diagnostics.
  • 4.1.8 May 7th, 2020 New Features:
  • Support for PHP 7.4
  • Support for CentOS
  • Defect Resolution:

  • Fixed hooks possibly running without agent configuration
  • Reduced delay before agent configuration is downloaded
  • Fixed PHP-FPM with Nginx gateway timeout when Malicious File Upload blocked request
  • 4.1.6 March 11, 2020 New Features/Enhancements:
  • Introduce set_tag api enabling to dynamically set key/value pair tags attached to security events
  • Enable PHP 5.6 support
  • Metadata files of Malicious File Upload and Malicious Payload are no longer fetched by the agent if the features are disabled
  • Pause polling when agent is offline under AWS Lambda
  • Defect Resolution:

  • Fixed agent failure when running Malicious Payload in protect mode
  • Fixed slow Malicious File Upload scanning of archives
  • Fix delay in downloading vmdata and blobs on first boot
  • 4.1.5 January 24, 2020 First release of Trend Micro Cloud One Application Security python agent

    New Features:

  • Open Redirect
  • Remote Command Execution
  • Illegal File Access
  • SQL Injection
  • Malicious File Upload
  • Malicious Payload