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The Python agent is available to download from the Python package index repository


The Java agent can be download from this Trend Micro download link for Application Security.


The PHP agent can be downloaded from Trend Micro download center for Application Security. There are 2 versions of PHP agents depending on Linux distribution:

  • Gnu based Linux, such as Debian and Ubuntu, for gnu based libC (glibc)
  • Alpine Linux distribution for musl based libC Linux
PHP Version PHP API Version Download (.so PHP Extension)
5.6 20131106 [Gnu based Linux] - [Alpine Linux]
7.0 20151012 [Gnu based Linux] - [Alpine Linux]
7.1 20160303 [Gnu based Linux] - [Alpine Linux]
7.2 20170718 [Gnu based Linux] - [Alpine Linux]
7.3 20180731 [Gnu based Linux] - [Alpine Linux]
7.4 20190902 [Gnu based Linux] - [Alpine Linux]


The NodeJS agent can be downloaded from the Node.js package manager registry