Table of contents

Update your user profile

After signing in as a Trend Cloud One User, you can change these elements of your user profile:

  • Display name
  • Time zone
  • Language: English or Japanese
  • Password: Your password must be at least 8 characters and include uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special characters.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA): The accounts you belong to may enforce the use of MFA. Click Enable MFA to enable MFA on your personal device. For details see Enable multi-factor authentication

Updates to your profile are global, across all Trend Cloud One accounts to which you belong.

To update your profile:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Trend Cloud One console, select your name and then My Profile.
  2. Change your settings, and then click Save.

Enable multi-factor authentication

  1. Check that you have a supported MFA application available.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Trend Cloud One console, select your name and then My Profile.
  3. Select Enable MFA.
  4. The first screen reminds you to install a compatible MFA application, such as Google Authenticator. Select Next.
  5. Next, authenticate using your MFA application:

    Screen where you enable MFA. It displays a QR code and an option to select if your device doesn't support scanning QR codes

    • If your device and MFA application support scanning QR codes, scan the code provided. The MFA application will provide an authentication code that you can enter in the One-time password box. Enter the authentication code (without spaces).
    • Otherwise, select My device does not support scanning QR codes. Configure your MFA device using the secret key provided and then enter the code it provides in the One-time password box.
  6. If the authentication code is correct, you will see an "MFA enabled" message and you will need to enter a new MFA code each time you sign in. You will also see a "Reset Code" that can be used to disable your MFA if you lose access to your device. Store the reset code in a safe location by either copying the text or clicking Download. For more information, see Reset multi-factor authentication.

    Screen where you see MFA has been enabled. It displays a reset code which should be stored in a secure location

  7. You can view your MFA reset code anytime by visiting My Profile and clicking on Show Reset Code....

If you have previously enabled MFA, you can still view and record your MFA reset code in your user profile.

Disable multi-factor authentication

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Trend Cloud One console, select your name and then My Profile.
  2. Select Disable MFA.
  3. On the confirmation screen, select Disable MFA. You will see an "MFA disabled" message.
  4. Select Close.

Reset multi-factor authentication

If your MFA device is lost, destroyed, or stops working, you need to disable MFA on your account in order to sign in:

  1. Sign in with your email and password.
  2. Once prompted for your one-time password, click Can't generate your one-time password?.
  3. Enter your MFA reset code you recorded when you enabled MFA.
  4. If entered correctly, your MFA will be disabled. You will be required to sign in again and re-enable MFA from your user profile. For details see Enable multi-factor authentication.

Supported MFA applications

The following smartphones and applications are actively supported for MFA. However, any application implementing an RFC 6238 compliant Time-base One-time Password Algorithm should work.

Smartphone MFA Application
Android Google Authenticator

iPhone Google Authenticator

Blackberry Google Authenticator