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Frequently Asked Questions for subscriptions and billing

For Trend Micro Cloud One on the AWS Marketplace, can I buy annual subscriptions through the AWS Marketplace?

Custom pricing, including prepaid annual or monthly purchasing options, are available via the AWS Marketplace. For more information please contact us at

Can I pay for part of my services through AWS Marketplace and the rest through an annual license?

A single Trend Micro Cloud One account can only be subscribed to the AWS Marketplace or an annual subscription, not both.

I'm having issues with my private offer.

For help with private offers, please see Subscribe to Trend Micro Cloud One with a private offer.

How can I check my usage of Trend Micro Cloud One?

Please see Check your billing and usage.

How can I tell which AWS Marketplace account is paying for my subscription?

From your AWS account, view your list of AWS Marketplace subscriptions to see if the account is subscribed to Trend Micro Cloud One. If you cannot find or have lost access to the subscriber account and need to make changes to your subscription, please contact Trend Micro support.

How can I change which AWS Marketplace account is paying for my subscription?

If you want to be billed on a different AWS Marketplace account, subscribe to Trend Micro Cloud One and link the subscription to your Trend Micro Cloud One account from your new AWS Marketplace account. After you link the subscription, you will be billed on your new AWS account. Note that your original AWS account will still show as subscribed to Trend Micro Cloud One. To remove this, cancel your subscription from AWS Marketplace in the original account.

How can I change the Cloud One account linked to my existing subscription?

When you link an existing AWS Marketplace subscription to a different Trend Micro Cloud One account, the subscription will be unlinked from the previous Trend Micro Cloud One account. The previous account will be placed in a 48-hour grace period before transitioning to a “Trial or Subscription Expired” state.

Can I use SAML (single sign-on) to link my AWS Marketplace subscription to my Cloud One account?

Currently, you must sign into your Cloud One account with credentials to complete the registration process.

In Trend Micro Cloud One - Workload Security, why are my computers being detected as "Not Cloud" and charged at a higher price?

The Workload Security rates (for Medium, Large, and Extra-large) apply only if your computers are under an AWS, Azure, or GCP cloud connector. Computers that are not managed by a cloud connector, or which are part of a vCenter account, have their protection hours billed at the highest rate (Data Center), regardless of the computer's size.