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Check your billing and usage

If you are using AWS subscription billing, you can check your billing charges and usage levels through AWS and Workload Security.

For details on AWS subscription billing, see About subscriptions and billing.

Check billing and usage in AWS

If you're using AWS subscription billing, you can check your current costs and usage from the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. For instructions on viewing or downloading your bills, see the AWS documentation on Viewing Your Monthly Charges. If you are new to using the AWS Billing and Cost Management console, see the AWS Getting Started documentation. To use this feature you must first activate the AWS-generated cost allocation tags.

If you want a more detailed look at your costs and usage, you can enable the AWS Billing Cost Explorer feature. Cost Explorer can show you a daily breakdown of your costs and usage and forecast what your costs might be over the coming months.

Use cost allocation tags to check usage by cloud account

Currently, cost allocation tagging is only available for customers signed up for Trend Micro Cloud One through the AWS Marketplace. All services except Open Source Security by Snyk support cost allocation tagging.

Cost allocation tagging provides more detailed information about the usage and costs in your environment, such as tracking how much usage was consumed by different departments and teams in your organization. Trend Micro Cloud One leverages the vendor-metered tags functionality to tag your costs and usage with the cloud account where you deployed your protection.

To enable the cost allocation tag for your organization:

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console through your organization's payer account.
  2. Navigate to the Billing and Cost Management Dashboard.
  3. Click Cost allocation tags.
  4. Click on the AWS-generated cost allocation tags tab at the top of the page.
  5. Select the aws:marketplace:isv:cloudAccountID tag from the list of tags.
  6. Click Activate.

Once the tag is activated, it could take up to 24 hours for the itemized usage to be reflected in AWS Cost Explorer.

To view the itemized usage:

  1. Navigate to the AWS Cost Explorer page from the Billing Dashboard.
  2. Use the Cost Explorer console to enter a set of parameters, like the dates for the relevant data that you want to view.
  3. For the Usage Type filter, select the billing dimensions below for the Trend Micro Cloud One services you are using:

    • Network Security: MP:NetworkGB-Units
    • Application Security: MP:ApplicationInvoc-Units
    • File Storage Security: MP:Small-Units ; MP:Medium-Units ; MP:Large-Units
    • Conformity: MP:CcSmall-Units ; MP:CcMedium-Units ; MP:CcLarge-Units
    • Container Security: MP:ContainerNode-Units ; MP: ContainerServerl-Units
    • Workload Security: MP:WorkloadSmall-Units ; MP:WorkloadMedium-Units ; MP:WorkloadLarge-Units ; MP:NotCloud-Units

      For Workload Security, the cloudAccountID tags will only appear for workloads that are managed through an AWS, GCP, or vCloud connector.

  4. For the Tag filter, select the same tag that was previously activated: aws:marketplace:isv:cloudAccountID.

  5. At the top of the chart in the Group by values section, click Tag and select the tag name again.

Once the Cost Explorer report updates, you can see the breakdown of usage for the different accounts in your network. For more information, see AWS Cost Explorer.

Check your usage with the API

You can retrieve your usage for your Cloud One account with the Usage Service API. Usage is measured hourly with the same usage units described in Pay as you go billing

For more information, see the API Reference.