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Pricing and subscription options

There are two options for subscribing to Cloud Sentry: annual subscription and consumption-based subscription.

Annual subscription

You pay an annual subscription fee based on the number of AWS accounts. For detailed pricing on Cloud Sentry, please contact us at

Consumption-based subscription

This is pay-as-you-go billing which allows you to subscribe to Trend Cloud One and only pay for what you deploy and use. You are billed based on your usage of the Trend Cloud One services, reported on an hourly basis.

Estimated costs with scanner and sentry stacks

Estimated AWS infrastructure monthly fee, based on resources used:

Estimated amount of resources Sentry Scanner Sentry stacks Total AWS monthly fee
1000 EC2 + 1000 ECR + 1000 lambda $3057 $240 $3297
100 EC2 + 100 ECR +100 lambda $305.70 $45 $350.70

The preceding figures are estimates and the actual cost varies depending on your EC2 settings. If you are using AWS Config, you might have additional costs in Config if you are monitoring the resources that Sentry deployed.


You can subscribe to Trend Cloud One on the AWS Marketplace. For more information, see Subscribe with AWS.

Lifecycle behavior

The scan is run daily for trial and paid customers. For expired and freemium users, the scan is run monthly.