Trend Micro Cloud One Maintenance

In most cases, we can perform upgrades and routine maintenance tasks without any service impact.

Periodically, we require a service-impacting maintenance window to perform specific tasks. Because these maintenance tasks are planned, we provide at least seven days notice prior to any scheduled maintenance.

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Scheduled maintenance for accounts created before 2018-10-31

Scheduled maintenance will be required for all Cloud One accounts created before 2018-10-31. Accounts created after that date will not be affected. The expected maintenance duration for most customers less than 30 minutes, but may be as long as 2 hours in some cases.

Maintenance windows will be scheduled for groups of customers between 2021-03-25 and 2021-12-30. Once assigned a window, you can find your specific maintenance date and duration by logging in to your Cloud One Workload Security account. You will be notified at least 7 days before the planned event through a banner that looks like the image below:

Example Maintenance Banner

During the maintenance period identified for your account, the following services will be unavailable:

  • Web Administration for all Cloud One services
  • API requests and activation of new agents from Cloud One Workload Security

Scheduled maintenance for accounts created before 2018-10-31 has had its end-date extended until 2021-12-30. Accounts that have already undergone scheduled maintenance will not be impacted by this extension.

Agents that have already been successfully activated will continue to receive protection during maintenance.

If you have any questions please contact Trend Micro support.