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About Trend Cloud One Central

Cloud One Central is designed to help you gain visibility across your applications. At launch, it lists your compute instances, container repositories, and serverless functions, along with security findings grouped by cloud account. It also provides suggested remediation options for detected threats.

Currently Cloud One Central is available only for AWS.

Cloud One Central page

Cloud One Central displays findings on your VMs, containers, and serverless functions detected by Cloud Sentry. Findings from other Trend Cloud One services will be available at a later date.

The page has a projects scope and two views:

  • Findings view
  • Resources view

Projects Scope

Projects summary

Projects store information about a CloudFormation Stack and any security findings associated to that stack's resources.

Findings View

Findings summary

This is a high-level summary of security findings, and resources discovered and scanned.

Findings table

The Findings view displays the threats detected in your cloud account. By default, they are sorted by 'Last Detected Time'.

You can view more information about a finding by selecting its 'Info' button or select the 'Remediate' button to view recommended remediation guides.

To view information about a finding in the Threat Encyclopedia, select the finding name hyperlink.

You can also select the Resource ID to view it in your Cloud Provider console.

Resources View

Resources summary

This is a high-level summary of compute instances, serverless functions and container repositories discovered.

Resource table

You can view more information about a resource by selecting the 'View Details' button.

You can also select the 'Resource ID' to view it in your Cloud Provider console.

By selecting View Details, you will view more information about this resource such as security findings, cloud provider details and resource tags.