Am I protected during an outage? What is the SLA?

If you'd like to know when scheduled maintenance is planned, see Scheduled maintenance.

One week before scheduled Workload Security maintenance windows, we notify customers on the Workload Security login page. Then, during the maintenance window, the login page will explain that the service is temporarily unavailable while back end maintenance occurs.

While Workload Security is down, connectivity is interrupted, so Deep Security Agents will not be able to auto-register. Agents will not be able to forward event logs to Workload Security during that time, and (if you had pending changes) agents won't receive any policy changes either.

Security policies on the agents, however, will still be active. Events will be queued as long as the computer has enough disk space, and the agent will transmit events to Workload Security the next time that they connect. If configured, the agents also will continue to forward logs to third-party, external syslog or SIEM devices. When Workload Security becomes available again, the agents will connect again with it during the next heartbeat.

You can view the Service Level Agreement (SLA).