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How are features released in Workload Security?


Features that are in preview are sometimes enabled for selected customers to allow early engagement testing with the product team. Features that are in preview have not yet reached General Availability (GA).

When a feature is in preview, there may be changes to the user experience, performance, and functionality as customer feedback influences and evolves the feature prior to General Availability. Features and capabilities that are in preview are not committed for delivery.

Support for features in preview is provided through direct engagement with the product team. Support for all other aspects of Workload Security is provided using the standard support process.

The Help Center documentation for preview features is visible to all customers and is identified by this banner at the top of each page:

This feature is part of a controlled release and is in Preview. Content on this page is subject to change.

If you have any questions or concerns about features in preview, please discuss with your point of contact in the product team.

General Availability

Workload Security is updated multiple times per week without a service impact to customers. Check the Workload Security updates for information on new content and changes.

The typical process for General Availability of features is to make the feature available to all customers at the same time. However, in some cases, we may perform a staggered rollout of features to customers. This is typically done to minimize the overall risk associated with the introduction of a larger feature and sometimes involves direct interaction with specific customers.

Features that are Generally Available but in the process of being released using a staggered rollout process are identified by this banner at the top of their corresponding Help Center page:

This feature is now GA and being rolled out to Workload Security customers. If it’s not available in your account yet, it will be soon.

When the rollout is complete and the feature is enabled for all customers, the banner is removed.

Features that are part of a staggered rollout process are Generally Available and are supported using the normal support process.