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Add and manage users

This page applies to legacy accounts. Learn more

Trend Micro Cloud One has users, roles, and contacts that can be created and managed from the Administration > User Management pane in the Workload Security console.

  • Users are Trend Micro Cloud One account holders who can sign in to the console with a unique username and password. See Add or edit an individual user.
  • Roles are a collection of permissions to view data and perform operations within Trend Micro Cloud One. Each user is assigned a role. See Define roles for users.
  • Contacts do not have a user account and cannot sign in to Trend Micro Cloud One, but they can be designated as the recipients of email notifications and scheduled reports. See Add contacts.

Add or edit an individual user

  1. In the Trend Micro Cloud One landing page, go to Manage Users.

    All user management functionality can also be accessed from Administration > User Management > Users in the Workload Security console.

  2. Click New to add a new user or double-click an existing user account to edit its settings.

  3. Specify the general properties for the user, including:

    • Username: The username that the user will enter on the Workload Security login screen.
    • Password and Confirm Password: The password that the user will enter on the Workload Security login screen.

      Password requirements are listed in the dialog box. You can enforce password requirements in the user security settings (see Enforce user password rules).

    • Name: (Optional) The name of the account holder.

    • Description: (Optional) A description of the account.
    • Role: Use the list to assign a predefined role to this user. You can also assign a role to a user from the Users list, by right-clicking a user and then clicking Assign roles. Roles with various levels of system access rights can be created and modified on the Roles page or by selecting New in the Role list.

      Trend Micro Cloud One comes preconfigured with two roles: Full Access and Auditor:

      • The Full Access role grants users all possible privileges for managing the Trend Micro Cloud One security services such as creating, editing, and deleting resources, policies, rules, and users.
      • The Auditor role gives users the ability to view all of the information in the Trend Micro Cloud One services, but only the ability to make modifications to their personal settings (password, contact information, view preferences, and so on).

    Currently, custom roles are only supported for Trend Micro Cloud One - Workload Security. A custom role for Workload Security will be treated as the auditor role when the user is accessing any other Trend Micro Cloud One service.

    • Language: The language that will be used in the interface when the user logs in.
    • Time zone: Time zone where the user is located. This time zone is used when displaying dates and times.
    • Time format: Time format used to display time. You can use 12-hour or 24-hour format.
    • Password never expires: When this option is selected, the user's password will never expire. Otherwise, it will expire as specified in the user security settings (see Enforce user password rules).
  4. If you want to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), click Enable MFA. If MFA is already enabled for a user, you can select Disable MFA to disable it. For details, see Set up multi-factor authentication.

  5. Click the Contact information tab and enter any contact information that you have for the user and also indicate if they are your primary contact or not. You can also check the Receive Alert Emails check box to include this user in the list of users who receive email notifications when alerts are triggered.

Add an email to a user profile

Certain Trend Micro Cloud One services require that a user profile have an email address associated with it.

To add an email address to a user, follow these steps:

  1. From the Trend Micro Cloud One landing page, click Manage Users.
  2. Click on your username in the top right corner, and click User Properties. This will open your user properties window.
  3. Navigate to the Contact Information tab, fill in your email address, and click Save.

If you don't have permission to view the Manage Users page, you can still edit your own user properties. Click My User Properties when prompted after clicking the Manage Users link, and follow the steps above.

Change a user's password

To change a user's password, go to Administration > User Management > Users, right-click the user, and click Set Password. You will be prompted for the old password as well as the new password.

Lock out a user or reset a lockout

If a user enters the wrong password too many times when trying to sign in, they will be locked out automatically. To resolve this issue, see Unlock a locked out user.

View system events associated with a user

To view any system events associated with a user, click Manage Users, right-click the user, and click View System Events.

Delete a user

To remove a user account from Trend Micro Cloud One, click Manage Users, click the user, and then click Delete.