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Recover an administrator user

If you have locked yourself out of Deep Security Smart Check, you can re-create an administrator user too regain access to the system.

Get the current installed version of Deep Security Smart Check

Run the helm ls command:

$ helm ls
NAME                    REVISION    UPDATED                     STATUS   CHART              APP VERSION NAMESPACE
deepsecurity-smartcheck 1           Sun Jun 23 10:01:49 2019    DEPLOYED smartcheck-1.2.9   1.2.9       default

The version of Deep Security Smart Check that is installed is shown in the APP VERSION column.

Use helm upgrade to create a recovery user

Assuming you have settings specific to your cluster in overrides.yaml, use the following command to create a recovery user. Replace 1.2.9 with the version from the previous step:

$ helm upgrade \
  --values overrides.yaml \
  --set auth.userName=recovery \
  deepsecurity-smartcheck \

The output of the command includes instructions for retrieving the recovery username and password.