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Integrate with Deep Security Smart Check

If you are using Smart Check in your development environment, you can integrate it with Container Security. For information on how to install Smart Check, see Install Deep Security Smart Check.

  1. Open the Trend Micro Cloud One console ( and click Container Security.
  2. Go to the Scanners icon Scanners page.
  3. Do one of the following:

    • If this is your first scanner, click + Add a scanner.
      A screen displayed if there are no existing Scanners
    • If this is not your first scanner, click + Add.
      A screen displayed if at least one Scanner exists
  4. Provide the following information and then click Next:

    • Name: a unique name for the scanner that will help you to identify which Deep Security Smart Check environment you are integrating
    • Description: an optional description of the scanner
      A screen showing the Add Scanner dialog
  5. The first snippet on the page contains the API key for your scanner. This key is unique to your Deep Security Smart Check deployment and should not be used for other instances. Copy the snippet and add it to your overrides file (usually overrides.yaml).

    After you close this window, the API key will not be displayed again.

    Image of the Add Scanner dialog

  6. Use the provided snippets to either install or upgrade Deep Security Smart Check in a cluster of your choosing. This does not need to be the same cluster where installed the policy-based deployment controller. For more information on deploying Deep Security Smart Check see

Next, you'll need to create a policy.