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Get started with Container Security

This section will teach you how to deploy Trend Micro Cloud One - Container Security on your Kubernetes cluster.

Container Security supports Kubernetes 1.14 or newer. Container Security does not support Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). The runtime security feature has additional requirements.

  1. Sign in to Container Security.
  2. Depending on your needs, you can:
    • Perform policy-based deployment control by installing the policy-based deployment controller on your Kubernetes cluster. See Add a cluster.
    • Intermittently scan your container images after they are deployed using continuous compliance. See Create a policy.
    • Use runtime security to get visibility into into any container activity that violates a customizable set of rules. See Configure runtime security.
    • Scan images using TMAS. See About Trend Micro Artifact Scanner.
  3. Create a policy that you can apply to your Kubernetes cluster.