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Ec2 Family Usage Reports

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity provides you with 2 reports to understand your EC2 instance usage.

EC2 usage overview


Main Dashboard > Select { Master Billing Account } > Cost monitoring > Open dashboard > Reports > EC2 usage overview

The EC2 usage overview lists the type of EC2 instances on your account and provides:

  1. cost
  2. usage details e.g. On-demand, Reserved, Spot

for each of those instances.

Use Case example: If you see a high portion of on-demand usage compared to reserved usage for a certain instance type, it's a sign that it's time to purchase reserved capacity for that instance type.

This report is only available for the Master Billing Account.

Use Filters to set a date range for the report to be generated.

Why is the EC2 usage overview report only available for the Master Billing Account?

EC2 usage overview report is used to optimise Reserved Instance purchases. AWS matches reserved instance purchases with any account within AWS Organization.

For example, we can purchase a reservation for t2.micro for a year in Ops account, and it will match a t2.micro instance in Dev account (Both are linked accounts).

Reserved instance optimisation is an organisation-wide issue and can only be handled if you have access to usage of all accounts, i.e. the Master account.

EC2 usage details


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Cost monitoring > Open dashboard > Reports > EC2 usage details

The EC2 usage details provide in-depth information about the EC2 instances and can be filtered by several parameters such as usage type, instance type, etc. You can leverage this report along with the EC2 usage overview report to understand the distribution of instances and accordingly take actions.

Example use case: once you find indications of cost optimisation opportunities for m4.large instance type in EC2 usage overview report, you can head to this report and filter by m4.large instance type. In the report results, you can see the trend of usage and how much of that usage has been covered by existing on-demand reserved instances. If you have over 720 hours of constant usage of a certain instance type, and you expect to continue using it for at least one year, it's time to purchase reserved capacity for it.