Table of contents

Cost Optimisation

The Cost Optimization Add-on has been deprecated for new Conformity users with effect from April 2020.

5 key features are offered with the Cost Optimisation:

  1. Additional Cost Rules - see Cost Rules for more details.
  2. Cost Reports - reporting tools and visualisations to breakdown, understand and forecast your AWS costs.
  3. Cost Monitoring - rules and alerts for when your AWS costs exceed set benchmarks.
  4. Cost Opportunities - identify potentially unnecessary costs and follow a step by step guide to eliminate those costs.
  5. Cost Summary and Forecast - high level metrics and forecasted costs for your AWS account(s).

Setup Cost Optimisation

  1. Add Cost Optimisation to your account. You can do this
    1. While adding a Conformity account
    2. After you've added the Conformity account
  2. Provide access to AWS Cost Billing Bucket

When viewing a Master Billing account, the metrics and data in the Cost Optimisation tool are dependent on the Accounts Conformity has access to.

Access Cost Optimisation dashboard

  1. Click on Open dashboard

  2. Access all cost tools via the Cost Management dashboard


Checks generated by Cost Rules can be accessed via the Conformity Checks API.

If you do not have Admin access, raise a support request.