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Cost Breakdown Reports

The Cost Optimization Add-on has been deprecated for new Conformity users with effect from April 2020.

Cost allocation report


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Cost monitoring > Open dashboard > Reports > Cost allocation report

Similar to Cost breakdown on the Cost Summary and Forecast dashboard, the Cost Allocation Report gives you a report that breaks down your AWS costs by service and sub-service, and can be saved and scheduled on a periodic basis to (1) capture snapshots of your Account(s) costs at a specific period in time, and (2) share with a select group of recipients.

Build Cost Allocation Reports that are customised for your intended audience using filters such as:

  1. Account
  2. Charge types to be included and excluded
  3. Time frame
  4. Regions
  5. Groupings
  6. Tags

Example: Cost Allocation report

Build your report

  1. Configure Filters for Cost Allocation Report

  2. Generate by clicking on
    1. Download as CSV - export as CSV
    2. Show cost allocation - generate in UI

To download a Cost Allocation report as PDF, you first need to Save and Schedule the report and then select the PDF Option.

If I tag a CloudFormation stack appropriately, will the Cost Optimisation tool be able to tell me about the cost of the resources within that stack?

Yes. Follow the steps below

  1. Tag your CloudFormation stacks with Service:name
  2. Tag resources within CloudFormation templates that do not inherit tags automatically with Service:name
  3. Enable Service tag on AWS Billing Dashboard of Master Account
  4. Wait for AWS to update bills
  5. Enable Service tag on Cost Dashboard of Master account (Setup tags)
  6. Wait for bills to be processed by Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity
  7. Generate a Cost Allocation Report and group by Tag: Service

Save and Schedule

You may want to reuse the same configuration for your Cost Allocation report at a future date, and also schedule it to be generated automatically.

  1. Generate your Cost Allocation Report
  2. Click on Save/Schedule

  3. Input Title and Date range
  4. If you want to set a frequency of your report, check Scheduled

    • Select Frequency and if you want to send scheduled reports over the email, click Send email that will allow you to select recipients or add email address, which can be used to send reports to external email addresses.
      • For more specific Frequency, you can click on the Advanced button. Follow the format instructions by clicking the ?

  5. Save configuration - The newly created report will be added to Saved / Scheduled Cost Allocation Reports list

View all generated (inc. scheduled) Cost Allocation reports


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Cost monitoring > Open dashboard > Reports > Saved / Scheduled Reports

Any cost allocation report that is saved using the save/schedule functionality will be added to the Saved/Scheduled Cost Allocation Reports list. Expanding any of the reports will display a history of the saved/scheduled reports.

Generation of the scheduled reports will depend on the frequency that you set while configuring the save/schedule functionality. Column 'Scheduled' indicates whether you have set a frequency for the reports to be auto-generated