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30 November 2020 - General Release Notice

What's New?

Webhook Communication Channel

You can now set up Webhook as a Communication Channel to configure notifications and share Conformity updates with your team.

New Filters under Browse all checks

You can now filter checks by:

  • Older than and Newer than the date range
    You can now view all checks by their last modified date for a selected number of days by using the Older than and Newer than range.
  • Resource Id
    For an exact match, e.g "johnSmith", a wildcard, e.g "joh?Smh" or when used with filter[resourceSearchMode]=regex, a regular expression, e.g "joh.?Sm.h". Regular expressions should be URL encoded before sending.
  • Message
    This filter will help you will find messages that contain all words regardless of the order. e.g "new message" will find "message new" and "new message”.

For details, see: Filter and checks.

API support for non-SSO Admin users

As a non-SSO Admin user, you can now use the API endpoint ‘POST /users/SSO’ to add users.

Template scanner to use cluster’s properties

The Template Scanner will use cluster's properties to get storage encryption status when the RDS instance's engine is set to "aurora",

Added Support for compliance standards for Azure:

  • ISO27001
  • NIST 800-53

Include Exceptions when applying Profiles

You can now opt-out of your account rule-setting exceptions being overwritten by a Profile when applying with the overwrite option ‘Merge, use Profile’ mode via the UI and the Profiles API.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug to improve the performance of the system when linking accounts to a group.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Resource types’ for Azure services came up as blank under the ‘View by resources’ tab.
  • Added missing filter label for 'Standards and Frameworks' when generating a report using a report config generated from the API.
  • Fixed a bug to enable the trialing organizations without any account in Conformity to access the Profile screen.
  • Fixed a bug to update the installation script to disallow installing RTM stack on disabled regions
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to copy SNS channels communication settings if they have already saved a 'configured trigger' with default values.
  • Fixed a bug to successfully load Cost Fluctuation and ‘Budget Settings pages for the accounts that do have Cost Billing bucket set up.