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What's New?

Communication Channels Update

  • Webhook
    Updated the Webhook Communication Channel to send checks that have been deleted due to a user removing/deleting a resource. These checks delivered will have an additional field "isDeleted: true" to differentiate them from the current checks being sent via webhook.
  • Jira
    Updated the Jira Communication Channel 'Create' and ‘Update' screens to no longer support swapping to an alternative connection type (OAuth or API token) to reduce the risk of breaking a successfully configured channel.

Cloud One Users

  • With SSOv2 can now access Conformity via Cloud One UI. See our help page on Setting up SSOv2 Public API keys.
  • Will receive account update emails if they have a valid email address in Conformity.

Scan a Profile in Template Scanner
Users without Admin privileges can now select and scan a Profile in Template Scanner via Conformity UI or API by calling the `/profiles` API.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug to reduce the number of failed Schedule Reports generation.
  • Fixed a bug to return the correct API response when a user typed a value while filtering regions.
  • Fixed a bug to add an account name and account environment to the body of the system-disabled Conformity bot notification email.
  • Fixed a bug with Template Scanner API Response body to include the actual accountId in the `account` field only when the `accountId`field is passed in the request body.
  • Fixed a bug to successfully process intrinsic functions as arguments of '!Join' in the Template Scanner.
  • Fixed a bug where Reports generated with individual checks did not display the Total counts on the PDF report correctly.