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24 June 2021 - General Release Notice

What's New?

Report Summaries Widget

You can now view all your Reports data in a single view under the Overview tab on the Main Dashboard. For more information, see Reports Summaries Widget.

Compliance Standards and Reports

  • HITRUST and HIPAA compliance standards now support Azure rules.
  • We’ve updated the MAS compliance standard to the 2021 version.

Exact Match Filter Tags

Introducing the Filter tags to filter rules under Communication settings, Account and Profile rule exceptions as well as their corresponding APIs. For more information, see Filter Tags.

SNS Communication Channel now sends Deleted Checks

Updated SNS Communication Channel to send checks that have been deleted due to a user removing/deleting a resource. These checks now have an additional field "isDeleted: true" to differentiate them from the current checks being sent via SNS.

Conformity API

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with linking customer-created groups to accounts via tag names.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking outside the ‘Cancel Subscription’ dialogue box will now navigate the user to the ‘Subscription’ listing page.
  • Fixed a bug to remove two unnecessary actions `config:GetResources` and `config:GetTagKeys` from CloudConformity Policy.
  • Fixed a bug to display an error message where an Azure subscription name is not alphanumeric or contains symbols other than - _ @ $ \~ % ^ * () ' # & : . , ! ? / space or |.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Conformity bot from running rules if it detected unhandled permission errors in resource data.
  • Fixed a bug to include new rules disabled as part of 'New rules behavior' on the selection of Disabled rules filter.
  • Fixed a bug where Rule ID filters on Communication channel triggers were displaying all rules instead of cloud provider-specific rules.
  • Fixed a bug to remove user administration navigation links for Cloud One users from SMS communication channel page.