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15 March 2021 - General Release Notice

What's New?

View your cloud account size

You can now view the size of your cloud accounts from the Administration > Subscriptions page to determine your account usage. This value is based on the number of resources within the AWS Account / Azure Subscription that is being monitored by Conformity. For details, see: Subscription.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Settings’ link for Cloud One - Conformity organizations returned the user to the main Dashboard on first click after a page loaded/reloaded.
  • Fix a bug that displayed a ‘First user has been created’ message every time a new Cloud One user is created and logged in to Conformity.
  • Fixed a bug where requests to fetch very large amounts of checks resulted in a timeout by introducing a new error message with a ‘Retry’ button.
  • Fixed an issue for large accounts, where search filter is updated and UI shows results for previous filter options when the previous request comes back after the second.
  • Fixed a bug where some AWS Inspector findings were unavailable by improving ‘get request’ to reduce the chances of being throttled by AWS, as well as improved error handling.
  • Fixed a bug where customers were not receiving the nudge bar to set up their account's rule settings.
  • Fixed a bug for the Template scanner to now return correct results for the rule ELB-002: ELB Cross Zone Load Balancing Enabled based on resource config in the template.