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14 December 2020 - General Release Notice

What's New?

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the value of Fn::If intrinsic function was not resolved properly before being returned. Now Intrinsic functions are resolved before being returned.
  • Fixed a bug where RTM uninstall script showed an error when regions are disabled instead of the user-friendly message.
  • Fixed a bug where RTM was generating notifications for accounts with a disabled RTM package.
  • Fixed a bug where the Single Sign-On didn’t allow domain labels that were one and two characters long.
  • Fixed a bug where transforming AWS::RDS::DBInstance resource types in CloudFormation templates, `StorageEncrypted` property value was directly being converted from "StorageEncrypted" in the template.
    • When the RDS instance's engine is set to "aurora", the Template Scanner will now use the cluster's properties to get storage encryption status.
    • If an RDS instance (AWS::RDS::DBInstance) doesn't specify ‘BackupRetentionPeriod’ in a CloudFormation template, the Template Scanner will choose the correct default value for the configuration attribute and sets it to 7 days.