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07 July 2021 - Rule Update Notice

There is no change to the custom policy as a result of the latest deployment. The current custom policy is version 1.31.

Click here to access the latest Custom Policy.

Rule Updates

1.To address a potential resource throttling issue we've improved our process in retrieving CloudFormation resource metadata to limit instances of excessive throttling errors.

  • CFM-002: CloudFormation Stack Policy
  • CFM-005: CloudFormation Stack Termination Protection

*RTM will continue to support these rules for stacks beyond the 200 limit as it is a separate process.

Our team is working on finding a solution for supporting these two rules in Conformity Bot for all CloudFormation Stacks in your accounts.

2.You may receive updated check data by Conformity Bot that can trigger further notifications for all CloudFormation rules:

  • CFM-001: CloudFormation Stack Notification
  • CFM-002: CloudFormation Stack Policy
  • CFM-003: CloudFormation In Use
  • CFM-004: Stack Failed Status
  • CFM-005: CloudFormation Stack Termination Protection
  • CFM-006: CloudFormation Stack with IAM Role
  • CFM-007: AWS CloudFormation Drift Detection