Cancel your account

To cancel your Trend Micro Cloud One account, you have to:

For details on billing, see About billing and pricing.

Cancel AWS subscription billing

  1. Log in to your AWS Marketplace account.
  2. Click Your Software.
  3. Under the Trend Micro Cloud One product, click Cancel Subscription, and then Yes, Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Azure subscription billing

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.
  2. Use the search bar at the top to navigate to the Software as a Service (SaaS) page.
  3. Select the name of your account (example: Example Inc - Trend Micro Cloud One) and click Delete.

Cancel your Trend Micro Cloud One account

  1. Sign in to your Trend Micro Cloud One account and navigate to the Workload Security console.
  2. Click your account name and select Cancel Account.
  3. Select the I have read and understood the above information check box, and then click Cancel My Account.

What happens when I cancel my account?

Upon receiving your request to cancel your account, the account is immediately put into a suspended state where it is no longer accessible to you. At the end of each month we start a 30-day timer on any suspended accounts. If you canceled your account in error, it can be restored at any point before the 30-day timer reaches zero. Once the 30-day timer reaches zero, your data is permanently deleted. To restore your account, contact Trend Micro Business Support. Alternatively, you can sign up again.

Other effects of canceling your account are:

  • If you opted for metered billing, it stops immediately. Your last monthly bill shows the usage up to the point when you canceled.
  • If you chose AWS subscription billing with the Annual + Pay as you Go option, the annual fee remains in effect. To stop the annual charge, you must Cancel AWS subscription billing.
  • If you chose prepaid credit billing, your prepaid credits are not returned. We advise that you use up your prepaid credits before canceling your account.
  • Since you no longer have access to Trend Micro Cloud One, you will no longer be able to view or manage security resources, such as agents that may still be running in your environment. We therefore strongly recommend that you deactivate and uninstall your agents prior to canceling your account.
  • Deployed security resources will remain active and provide protection to their resources; however, they will no longer receive security updates (pattern updates) and software updates, so security will degrade over time.